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4 Day Retreat - Joshua Tree with Julia Lima

•   • 10th - 13th March 2022 • Retreats • Tulum Mexico

Need a reboot and a breath of fresh air?

Feel like no matter what you've tried, 2021 chewed you up and dumped you out repeatedly?

Whom Is This Retreat For?
From a total newbie, to a seasoned spiritual master this retreat is for those who have chosen the path of unlocking their highest potential through ancient cleansing rituals, creativity, music and mystical practices. Those who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and face their traumas, who are looking for self-healing and self-knowledge, who are ready to tune in to their higher self and mother nature.

What to Expect:
During the retreat, you have the opportunity to activate your sexual energy through Osho dynamic meditation and ecstatic dance, immerse yourself in deep meditation through sound bath vibrations, master healing breathing practices with activation of the throat center, discharge the body from negative emotions through ice bath, connect to your higher self through water blessing, feel unity with the universe through the ancient ritual of the cacao ceremony. A special place in this retreat is devoted to working with the subconscious mind: you'll have the opportunity to answer questions using powerful hypnosis techniques. You are also invited to play the psychological transformation game Leela, feel the possibilities and go beyond your body through yoga practice and other spiritual workshops.

All Inclusive - March 10th through 13th 2022. Includes accommodations, 3 meals a day and ALL activities.

Retreat Schedule:
Day 1
12pm - Check-in & opening ceremony
2pm - Lunch
3pm - Cleansing ritual (sound bath & guided meditation)
4pm - "Fall In Love In 39 Minutes" Workshop
5pm - Ecstatic Dance
6pm - Dinner
7pm - Leela Game & Star Gazing

Day 2
7am - Nauli massage
8am - Breakfast
9am - Soap Making
11am - Sexual Energy Activation
12pm - Free time
1pm - Freeing The Body From Negativity Workshop
2pm - Lunch
3pm - Free time, Journaling
4pm - Hypnosis
5pm - Cacao Ceremony
6pm - Dinner
7pm - Star Gazing & Integration Circle

Day 3
7am - Yoga
8am - Breakfast
9am - Visiting National Park
12pm - Free time
1pm - Osho Dynamic Meditation
2pm - Ice Bath
3pm - Lunch
4pm - Water Blessing
5pm - Freeing The Inner Child Workshop
6pm - Dinner
7pm - Integration Circle

Day 4
7am - Yoga
8am - Breakfast
10am - Check Out
11am - Closing Ceremony at Giant Rock & Sound Bath
1pm - Leaving