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A little BIT OF DEATH with Jamie Catto

• • 24th Jul 2021, 12:00PM - 7:00PM • • Online

On this one-day workshop, we gently explore the edges of our pathway into the great beyond.

Death is the great shadow. Our culture’s total denial of it is largely responsible for the amount of fear and anxiety we carry, the over-consuming of food and shopping, and our tragic disconnection from nature and the cycles of Life. The loss of connection and intimacy with each other and the taboo of acknowledging that for each of our self-cherishing egos, this whole game ends—often sooner than we expect—is limiting our rich, joyful, and fulfilling experience of having an amazing human life.

We live our brief lives in denial, never talking about death and suffering the symptoms and pressures that result from the suppression of our most enormous shared fact.

We all die.

This extraordinary melodrama ends.

We live in a cult of youth in a desperate attempt to deny or not think about the inevitable.

We cart our elders off to die among strangers far from home so that we don’t have to deal with it.

And all the while we lose more and more touch with the most natural and inevitable fact of life and therefore carry huge dysfunctions and stresses along with us unnecessarily.

On this one-day workshop, we gently explore the edges of this topic and allow ourselves to immerse just a little into our pathway to the great beyond, both practically and metaphorically, and allow our systems to accept and even celebrate certain aspects of our humanity so that we can love our lives more FULLY while we are still here.

We will become more whole together. We will become more truly connected to the genius of our lives and through some gentle processes and games release ourselves from the invisible prison of anxiety and compulsive, destructive compensatory patterns.

“If you can look death in the eye then he will let you live, REALLY live, every second that you have left”. - Tom Robbins

Where is it? Online! I will send you a Zoom link in due course.

When does it start and end? Saturday, the 24th of July 2021 from 12:00 pm until 19:00 pm (UK time).

What should I bring? Water, two pens (one felt-tipped or marker), a notebook/pad, and if you want to be extra comfy, a cushion and/or a small rug.