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Alchemy Of Birth | Preparing for the stages of labour with Virginia Rowan

• 4 x 90min • • 1-1 Session • Online

4 sessions to discuss stages of labour, what to expect and how to dive into you innate birthing power. 

You will talk about how to trust the physiology of birth, the intricate dance of hormones that come into play that make birth the most empowering event. 

Virginia believes that birth is a powerful initiation into motherhood and parenthood

She hopes to inspire you to BIRTH IN LOVE. Virginia's intention for you is that you walk your birth journey in connection with your very own Master teacher: your baby, that you use your intuition, move from your heart, flow like a river of joy and let tears of power and love run wild! 

Virginia will work with you so that you and your baby move earthside with love, compassion and kindness

Are you ready to step into the spiral of birth being true to your deepest self, like you have never been? 

This is an invitation to an open-hearted birth journey and motherhood

4 sessions of 90 minutes.