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Birth Reflections with Virginia Rowan

• 3 x 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Maybe you have landed here because you have challenging feelings or physical symptoms related to the birth of your baby and you are ready to step forward. 

Perhaps your birth was not the experience you had hoped for and this has left you feeling sad or traumatised

This is a gentle and safe way of working with parents to lift the heavy or intense feelings and symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic perinatal experience, (related to pregnancy, birth, postnatal period, breastfeeding) even if the experience occurred many years ago. 

Virginia will go trough your birth experience with you and discuss what happened, you can take all the time that you need. This act of opening sometimes is enough to feel better and start your healing journey. 

If you need more support, Virginia can help with "The 3-Step Rewind method"

This activates a person's innate ability to heal themselves. The simple but effective steps will help you to move through past traumatic experiences, acknowledge their current impact on your day to day life and create a path forwards, so that you can release the difficult feelings associated with the memory 

You DO NOT have to share the details of your experience in order for the process to be effective. As long as the memory is there, you can be guided through the steps and find relief

3 sessions of 60 minutes.