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Breathwork with Fouad Sabet

• 60min • •   • Online

This session is dedicated to understanding the depth and different layers of our being. Our nervous system is affected from a young age, from past traumas and memories. We live life trying to understand how to maximize our energy better, however challenging emotions and traumas still captivate and block us from moving forward. To be able to fully understand how to heal and unblock our nervous systems, we must begin by diving deep into the root causes of our emotional conflicts and inner dilemas to begin operating from a different body response. Most of us are on a fight or flight response to our external world, we aim to shift to a regulated and integrated nervous system that allows us to thrive in our societies and environments.

You will be guided through a meditation to begin to connect to your past wounds and blockages and learn how to properly observe and take a closer look at what is present; you will then go through a healing breathwork journey infused with rhythms and beats to call in and surface what is being hidden or suppressed deep into our consciousness. 

Every breath alongside every moment is sacred; you will celebrate the union of both together with clarity and awareness.