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Breathwork with Catalina Benedetti

• 90min • • Classes • Online

Emotions are energy that needs to be expressed and moved. When these emotions are not expressed, they become stuck and imprint themselves within the body, expressing themselves in the form of knots, blocks, nightmares, and all kinds of unconscious behavior. Each emotion has a function and purpose within us. Although some may seem useless or negative, they each create a map of our internal world: showing us who we are while guiding us towards our healing. It is important for us to find acceptance and to develop a good relationship with them. When we deny the truth of our emotions, we only create discomfort and confusion.

The specific breathing technique with which Catalina work is mainly cathartic. It activates the body map, releasing the contained emotions of our experiences accumulated during life.

This method of deep self-exploration and experiential psychotherapy is based on the transformation available during non-ordinary states of consciousness where we have the opportunity to access the deepest layers of being, of the psyche. Its objective is the integration of negative events, transforming them into positive ones.