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Alchemise Fear Into Love - 1:1 Session with Laura Reeves

• 90min •   • 1-1 Session • Online

When stored within us emotionally, physically and energetically - fear can lead to an innate disconnection to ourselves and our entire experience of life. We were never taught how to process and release fear from our system growing up, it could even be argued that we live in a system that perpetuates it. How do we then let go of subconsciously stored fear based emotions and energy from our system and come into inner liberation and a vibration of love and clarity?

Over this hour and a half, drop into the medicine of your own heart and connect to a reality within you, rooted in love, gratitude and abundance, as we collectively move through fear in an interweaving of ancient and modern day practices in community.

Journey with QiGong, Somatic Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, deep meditation and heart resonance work in a ceremony of deep reset and inner connection.