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Baby Reflexology & Massage Workshop with Emma de Pfeiffer-Key

• 4 x 45min • June 15th - July 6th • Courses • London

June 15th - July 6th, Every Wednesday, 10am - 11am

A unique combination of baby reflexology & massage.

Reflexology and massage for babies is a gentle, natural way to enhance your bond using soothing, calming techniques on their body, hands and feet. Babies thrive on loving touch, supporting their development and sense of wellbeing.

As a parent, carer or grandparent, at our intimate and unique workshops, you will learn simple and effective techniques incorporating baby massage, foot and hand reflexology, to support the wellbeing of you and your baby. Using massage initially to observe the areas of tension on your baby, as well as soothe and relax them. Reflexology then works deeper to ease these tensions, pinpointing key areas.

Workshops are held by a fully qualified Reflexologist, Holistic Therapist and Tiny Toes Reflexage Instructor, helping you to strengthen your bond with your baby and to feel empowered and confident to help them when they feel unsettled. Hosted in the cabin with space for up to three. The intimate setting avoids overstimulation and helps you to relax, recharge and make some new friends.

Benefits include:

  • Empowers parents and enhances bond with baby

  • Promotes development - strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility

  • Encourages relaxation and provides comfort, aiding sleep

  • Releases tension, stress and anxiety

  • Supports digestive discomforts, resulting from trapped wind, colic, reflux and constipation

  • Supports your baby with coughs and colds

  • Soothes pain and discomfort associated with teething

The techniques you will be taught can be adapted for your baby’s individual needs. During the workshops, there is the opportunity for Emma to perform advanced reflexology techniques on your baby. You can continue to use these techniques as your child grows into a toddler, infant and teen.

In addition to learning these techniques, you will receive illustrated step by step guides on the core techniques and have the opportunity to join a WhatsApp group to get to know other mums between sessions.

The wonderful benefit of reflexology is it can be used anywhere, at anytime. All you need is their bare feet!


Baby Reflexage is suitable from around six weeks of age to pre-crawling. Allow 48 hours after vaccinations before attending a session. Baby Reflexage is not an alternative to seeking medical advice from your GP, Practice Nurse or Health Visitor.