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Body Connection with Charlotte Boyd

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Body Connection sessions are for anyone wanting to build a deeper relationship with themselves and connect to their body and emotions while balancing mental wellbeing. The session comprises three sections: dialogue, movement + sound. The intention for these sessions is to help you re-ignite your love and understanding of your body, with the aim to undo negative thought patterns and to replace them with self kindness, exploration and calm.

In dialogue, you will take a mindful approach to observe, connect and reflect on stuck patterns you may have in your relationship with your body. You will listen to your inner critic and find self compassion and kindness. In movement and breathing, you will learn how to embody emotions, listen to your body and practice deep inner listening. In sound, you will re-set, re-align and settle anything that has come up in the session. There will be space to name your emotional experience and connect deeply with yourself.

Charlotte's body connection experience:
Having had her own lifetime experiences with eating disorders/disordered eating; purging disorders, anorexia and bulimia, anxiety, body image and disempowerment issues, Charlotte understands the sensitivities around body connection. The complexities that are vast, the triggers and wounds deep and the sadness sometimes unbearable.

In 2019/2020, Charlotte facilitated body image programmes at The City & Hackney Recovery College for the NHS. She also ran a peer support group for Eating Disorder Recovery for the social prescribing initiative in East London. With love, compassion and a comprehension through training, studying, teaching and through her own hard self development, Charlotte feels ready to safely hold this space for you and traverse matters and triggers that come up with empathy and progress. She holds group Body Connection Sessions for the Oak and Willow Yoga teacher training Programme online and in Ireland.

These sessions will take place on zoom. Bring yourself in totality, wear loose comfortable clothing and have a pen/pencil and notepad to hand. Get your quiet space ready. Get your blankets, socks & headphones. Light a candle.