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DV Elemental Healing with Desi Valentine

• • • 1-1 Session • Online, Los Angeles

Similar modality to Pranic healing that was developed my Desi Valentine. Elemental healing is conjuring the healing energy of naturally occurring elements & bringing them into the clients energetic field. Intentionally directing this natural energy, Desi is able to go deeper into each chakra for a cleaning, balancing and energetic attunement.

Whether it be conjuring the Sun’s energy to dissolve negative chords or conjuring the flowering of consciousness to help the heart chakra learn from past pain, this technique has garnered incredible results in energetic transformation.

Desi's innovative healing modality Elemental healing technique combines Pranic healing & working with the natural essence of the elements. Allowing him the ability to deeply transform the clients energy, mind, body & soul.

Desi also uses crystal healing, breathwork, body work, emotional activation release & DV Elemental products to amplify the healing factor in every session.