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Dying to Fully live Master Class with Cat Faith

•   • 10th of May • Classes • Online

This class is my Sacred Dream. It comes from my deepest wish to be in service and share the gifts that I have received in my lessons in loss and in my experience of intimately working with the energy of Death.

This course is not about dying. It’s actually about living fully, passionately and purposefully. It’s about renewal, joy, opening our hearts and being in service.

When we confront our life and death with curiosity and awareness, something truly magical happens. 

The journey that you are now embarking on brings a great opportunity to resolve your denial of Death, as well as your denial of life in a two months long experiment. 

In this class we will consciously invoke the energy of change. It´s a courageous provocative approach to radical healing and fast evolution. If you are ready to take the leap, this might be your answer.

If you choose to befriend Death, it will help you remember who you are and why you came here. It will show you how to live with your heart open, close to the light, with courage and joy. It will help you honor your relationships and will remind you how to cherish moments.

It will show you how to use your gifts and how to weave a sacred dream that benefits all.

With the blessings of the ancestors and guides, held in the highest love and light.