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Follow up integration Coaching Sessions with Jacson Correia

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

To support my clients I use astrology as a way to understand their personal process and then to be able to add different strategies of balance according to their needs that can be useful for then. To achieve this balance  I use, teach, and work with martial arts, hermetic kabbalah, reiki, mayan and kabbalistic astrology, psychic exercises, dream work, shadow work, creativity, painting, cacao ceremonies, kaula tantra,  breathing exercises and  shamanism so my clients can feel my support in different ways as I guide them to be independently responsible and sustainable of their  emotional, physical, mental, creative, material self-development.

 With practice and the experience Jacson have developed his own methods of bringing the integration of these tools and areas in a way that is useful and practical  for everybody. Developing in this way sessions, courses, retreats so people can feel supported also in their self-development.