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Freedom from Self-Sabotage Course with Hana Jung

• Self-paced •   • Courses • Online

The "Freedom from Self-Sabotage" course helps you to anchor yourself so that you feel safe moving forward with that passion project sitting on the backburner.
There are 3 lessons that address and dismantle scarcity, fear of failure, and toxic comparison.

This course has helped thousands of students remove the fear from actually going after their “big hairy goals”…

If you continue to let your fear fester in the dark, you will always circle back to the same 3 limiting beliefs.

But, if you start here, you can turn on the light and disempower those fears.

What's included? : You’ll unpack and reframe a different limiting belief per session:
  • MODULE 1: Reframing "I don't have enough time/money/skills"
  • MODULE 2: The Truth Behind "What if I fail and lose everything?"
  • MODULE 3: Step beyond “What if I’m not as good as so and so?”
  • 3 workshop videos to watch at your own pace
  • 3 downloadable workbooks to dive even deeper
  • The Freedom from Self-Sabotage course helps you take back your power over your mental spiral.
  • Lifetime access to all 3 modules
  • Unlimited email access to Hana for any questions about the modules
  • BONUS! Private 1:1 video session for further support

Self-paced course - 3 modules + workbooks + 1:1 private call