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Get High On Your Health with Anna Andrzejewski

• 60min for 4 Weeks • 6th January 2022 @ 6:00 - 7:00PM • Courses • Online

This is a 4 Week Group Detox Programme.

  • Create more energy naturally without the need for caffeine or sugar.
  • Eliminate unnecessary food cravings
  • Balance your hormones so mood and stress responses are calm rather than reactive
  • Better sleep and signals from the body to rest
  • Effectively burn fat for fuel, eliminating toxic fat (especially on the stomach and hip/thigh area)
  • Improve cognitive function, better focus, concentration, clarity and memory

It is Anna's intention that at the end of the 4 weeks you will not only have reset and feel healthier but you will have the tools, techniques and information to take into your life so you can implement detoxing as and when you need it. She personally does a one day detox each week and then a seasonal 7 day detox - Anna sees it like an MOT/Service for her body.

Programme includes:

  • 1:1 deep dive health session with Anna
  • 4 x weekly group calls via zoom (starting Thursday January 6th)
  • Food and mindset plan
  • Detox guide
  • Accountability partner
  • Group support
  • Daily ritual
  • Intentions + reflections

Sessions will be every Thursday starting 6th of January 2022