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Group Sound Bath with Charlotte Boyd

• 60min • Every 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7:00 - 8:00PM • Classes • Online

A Group Sound Bath is a space for you to arrive, do nothing, rest and receive healing and soothing sounds. Charlotte will set the intention of the session, working with the elements, seasons or focusing on specific chakras. Charlotte uses her voice, gong, tuning forks, ocean drum and singing bowls to create an energizing yet calming effect. Charlotte will soften you into your body with gentle breathing and body relaxation techniques.


  • lower anxiety & stress levels
  • calm central nervous system
  • shifted mental, spiritual, emotional & physical blocks
  • boosted mood
  • improved memory
  • balanced chakra system
  • reduced pain
  • lower blood pressure & cholesterol
  • improved sleep
  • new-found flow in your life
  • regained clarity, confidence & direction
  • support for maintaining your mental wellbeing