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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Interpretation Package with Melanie Atkinson

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test is a quick, simple and great value way of getting a unique snapshot into your current health picture. This invaluable knowledge can guide you in purposeful supplementation and lifestyle changes to treat chronic disease, fatigue and so much more.

This package is for anyone looking for an introduction on the following topics: 

Nutrition Advice - You'll receive an overview of what foods will bring your mineral status back into balance.

Supplementation Guidance - You will get recommendations on supplements to address the issues seen from your HTMA results

Daily Lifestyle tips - You will be advised on issues with sleep, stress, exercise and more

Gentle Detox Strategies - You will get support in addressing any toxic metals shown on your results

Clarity around root cause of chronic conditions - You will learn why you’re sick and what to do about it

Included in the package:

  • a hair mineral analysis test

  • client intake form

  • comprehensive test results

  • 60 minute interpretation session with Melanie online

  • educational resources and recipes

  • 30 minute follow up session 6 weeks later

  • discount on a retest

  • discount on supplements