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Havening Group (Mental and Phsyical) Landcape Nourishing with Jenna N

• 60min x 6 • Sundays 3PM • Classes • Online

Starting 6th of November.

This is a block of 6 classes, run weekly, to experience guided relaxation and resilience building with Havening Techniques Practitioner and Trainer, Jenna Nye.

This class is designed with the 'now moment' and 'future based' wellbeing in mind to help (re)align you with your highest good. You will not be accessing any trauma, negative or past moments in this space.

In this class you will be taught The Self Haven Touch Technique - you'll learn how to:

  • amplify positive emotions
  • use colour to assist the body in activating a healing response
  • get a deep sense of positive somatic (body) feelings
  • harness the power of your kinaesthetic representations and use them every day
  • understand and use Delta brainwave entrainment for goals and desires
  • relax and soothe the mind and body