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Holistic Health and Human Design Consultation with Julia Scott

• 60 - 90min •   • 1-1 Session • Online


Human Design is a framework that brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics using your birth date, time and place to reveal your entirely unique design. This tool offers insight into your energetic, emotional and physical makeup and offers a roadmap to help you recognise your innate gifts and potential challenges in order to align with your truest self - in career, relationship, and even health!

In our consultation Julia will offer you reflections and insights into what your design reveals and through this lens - she will recommend diet, lifestyle modifications and practices from an energetic perspective as well as a functional nutrition and wellness perspective to help guide you to more balance and optimise your health and your design. Weaving together information from your initial health assessment and reading your Human Design chart she can begin to draw a more detailed picture of who you are and what may be underlying your symptoms and standing in the way of your highest expression.

Like all perspectives and information we come across; the old adage ‘take what resonates and leave the rest’ really sounds true with Julia's approach to Human Design reading. Learning her Human Design, and the resounding opinion from others she reads for, was a sense of clarity and understanding of why we operate, think and feel the way we do and gives us permission and tools to live with the flow of our natural gifts. When we understand and operate within our body’s natural energies, rather than against them, we exercise more ease in our mind, body, relationships and lives!

Some of the areas you can dive into are:

  • How you are designed to digest (food and information), rest, exercise, sleep, manifest and how to optimise this
  • How you are designed to make decisions, process information and communicate your gifts to the world
  • Where you are likely to receive conditioning and energy from others and your environment and place boundaries to prevent feeling overwhelmed
  • How you are designed to work with others and find clarity in your career
  • How you can start to leverage your unique gifts and share this with the world