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Holistic Midwife Consultation with Virginia Rowan

• 90min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Virginia would love for every woman and birthing person to feel safe, nurtured and to step into their new roles as mothers and parents with calm and confidence.

The session is made FOR and WITH you and Virginia will include discussions and information to enable you to have a healthy pregnancy and make the best informed decisions for you and your family during your antenatal and postnatal period, and to prepare for your birth.

Virginia will inform you of your maternity rights and options, help you navigate your way through the maternity care system (UK based). She will provide evidence-based information and you will work together in order to optimise your chances of straightforward birth.

Virginia can also guide you to incorporate sacred wisdom into your journey from conception to 4th trimester: How to create your own rituals during pregnancy, manifesting birthing in love, placenta honouring, closing ceremonies and different ways to honour your babies that have gone too soon.