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Magic Minerals - 6 Week Group Coaching Program with Melanie Atkinson

• 10 Jan - 14 Feb • • Courses • Online

Magical Minerals are the Missing Piece!

6 Week Group Coaching Program including Hair Mineral Analysis Test and Expert Guest Speakers.

10th January - 14th February 2023

Are you exhausted?

Burned out?

Or in fear of burning out again?

Are you stabbing in the dark wasting money on the next best supplements? Are you confused by dietary advice? Paleo? Keto? Vegan? Are you dieting or restricting calories in desperation to lose weight? Are you at the mercy of your hormones each month? Are you desperate for more vitality and motivation? Are you sick of telling your doctor something is wrong but you’re not quite sure what it is? Are you trying to conceive or worried about prolonging your fertility?

Are you ready to start the New Year with some life changing new knowledge and an amazing community of like minded people?

Believe it or not MINERALS hold the key! Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing you will see it on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. In the past two years Melanie has become in awe of this test, for the level of detail it can give. It has revolutionized her Naturopathic Nutrition practice and the results she gets with her clients.

Through this group coaching program Melanie will educate you on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, how to interpret the results, what your results mean and how to change your life, vitality and health through mineral balancing. The group will support each other on their mineral balancing journey and each week there will be a time for questions or queries. You will also receive a half an hour private session with Melanie to go over your HTMA results so you get a tailored plan.

Melanie will also be bring on board some amazing experts in Herbalism and Women’s Hormonal/Cycle Health to support you.

What will you learn?

  • Minerals
    The spark plugs of life! Why do we care about them and why is our world mineral depleted? How can we remineralise our lives and why would we want to? How we can use HTMA for preventative medicine and why hair is far more accurate than testing blood.
  • Thyroid/Adrenals/Adaptogens
    How we can assess the status of our thyroid and adrenal function through HTMA and how we can bring ourselves back into balance through adaptogenic herbs with guest Herbalist Nadine. How can these magical herbs become part of our daily lives and soothe our nervous systems.
  • Hormones
    How we can use HTMA to spot hormonal imbalances and correct it. The link between copper and oestrogen. Why our world has become more oestrogenic and how to fix that. Fertility Awareness Method Expert Rhi will teach you how to live by your cycle and why it matters.
  • Supplements
    What should YOU be taking and why? A personalised plan based on your results as well as access to discounted practitioner grade supplements. Melanie will make sure that you have a purposeful supplement regime to support your healing journey and address any issues showing on your HTMA.
  • Food!
    What should you eat for your metabolic type? What even IS a metabolic type!? How do we balance our mineral levels through food and nourishment. Tried and tested recipes for nourishing smoothies, meals, infusions, snacks and so much more. As a former chef, Melanie knows the importance of tasty food. Step away from the deprivation mindset
  • Toxic Heavy Metals
    What are they? And what can we do about them? Why they are ubiquitous with the modern world and how to protect yourself. Metals can be at the root cause of many chronic diseases. How do we avoid them and how do we gently detox them?

Symptoms of Mineral Imbalance

  • Under or over active thyroid symptoms
  • Hair loss
  • Food allergies
  • Slow metabolism causing weight gain
  • Inability to gain weight
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Feeling tired
  • Bloating or poor digestion
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Feeling tired but wired
  • Irregular cycles and inability to conceive
  • Addictions


I don’t live in the UK, can I still take part?
Yes! As long as you are able to post your sample to the UK, you can join. The time for the evening calls are yet to be decided but all calls will be recorded for catch up.

Why do you use hair to test rather than blood?
Hair gives us a much more accurate picture of what’s going on at a cellular level in the body. Your body goes to great lengths to keep your blood at a homeostatic level so you’re unlikely to see any major issues here until its too late!

I’ve already done a hair test with you or someone else, can I still join?
Yes, either use your existing results or get a retest which will show you how you are improving. You will go much deeper in this course than in the HTMA package. Discount on the course is available, if you aren’t requiring a test.

Can I still do the test if my hair is dyed?
Yes, it’s preferable to wait a little while after dying your hair but as long as the hair is clean it’s fine.

I’m pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. Is this ok?
Perfect! This is the most amazing time to take control of your minerals as we give so many of them to our babies. Plus low mineral levels can contribute to infertility.

Which company do you use?
Mineral Check - an amazing UK based company who use Trace Elements lab in the US, renowned for being one of the most reliable and pioneering.