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Prøject Wøman - 8 Week Online Course with Abi Adams

• 8 weeks • 24th January 2022 • Courses • Online

Next course starts on 24th January 2022. 

Whether you’re a female boss, a mum, a movement teacher or therapist, we all need time for ourselves. We all deserve to feel our best and have the tools to support ourselves through every season of our lives. This isn’t selfish, but an essential part of caring for ourselves. Not only that, but it’s lighting the way for other women and future generations. Project Woman is your opportunity to dedicate time to yourself and learn to support yourself so that you can lead your life to the fullest. Your time is now. 

What will you gain from the PW course?

  • An understanding of what the stages of your menstrual cycle actually are, and the natural superpowers you have at each stage
  • How to support yourself nutritionally throughout your cycle and into peri/menopause
  • Recommendations for movement practices and exercises throughout your cycle
  • An understanding of why certain behavioural patterns may occur and tools to help manage them
  • An understanding of how your environment may be impacting you and holding you back from living your values and achieving your goals
  • Curiosity and enquiry about your body, your cycle and your decisions
  • Space and time to devote to you, fueling your sense of self-worth and giving you the confidence to make new, informed decisions
  • A safe environment and dedicated support from a highly qualified, multi-disciplinary practitioner within a community of like-minded women