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Prøject Wøman - 7 Week Online Course with Abi Adams

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Awaken Your Powerful Woman With This 7 Week Online Course

  • You will use exercise to create your own unique movement menu using targeted exercises at specific times of your cycle to elevate your health
  • You will receive a diverse catalogue of movement videos per week, designed to support each stage of your cycle that you can refer back to at any time
  • You will learn how the various seasons of your cycle impact your mental, emotional and physical health and create a toolkit to support each one
  • You will turn your menstrual symptoms into a communication, whereby you know what you need to feel better
  • You will forge a deep trust with your body that builds your intuition and confidence

You will also have access to:

  • Course-specific Whatsapp group
  • Weekly digital call with course members
  • Q&A session at the end of each week for clarity and motivation
  • Interactive digital workbook
  • Catalogue of movement/exercise videos, as well as holistic techniques to keep forever

Bonus Content

  • Great discounts with women’s health brands to support hormonal health, including WHOOP and Daye
  • 7 week free Prøject Wøman membership
  • Free doTerra wild orange essential oil to support your meditations
  • Weekly playlists to keep you motivated to move
  • Pre-recorded cooking class by The Happy Tummy Company to support gut health and your hormones
  • Guided premenstrual ritual with myself that celebrates everything you are as a woman!


  • Weekly digital calls via a secure and private site
  • You will approach the workbook with the group during our digital sessions, as well as use it to support your biohacking exercises each week
  • All additional information including blogs, interviews, Q&A’s, cooking classes can be found on the private membership
  • The course-specific Whatsapp group will be used for inspiration and support


  • Contact us to set up a payment plan and we can support you in paying in smaller installments at