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Quantum Leap with Francesca Blechner

• 6 Month Package • • 1-1 Session • Online

This program is for those that are serious and committed to transforming their life and wellbeing. This program combines both the Thrive 360 coaching and recalibrate program. You will have in person sessions of body alignment and Transformational Breath®. Enrich your physical, emotional and spiritual health and align to the highest expression of yourself.

We will dive deep into mindset, how your thoughts and emotions impact your body and how to rewire the brain and nervous system to set yourself up for more health, happiness and success in life. Bringing the best of neuroscience and nutrition - techniques to cultivate your life force and get clear on your core values so that you can live the life you deserve.

This program is life changing, if you are serious and ready to take the steps to change your life.

Quantum Leap Program runs 1:1 coaching sessions over 6 months.

While booking, please select the date you would like to start the program on.