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• 90min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Esther takes you on a gentle and magical journey of self-discovery, transformation and personal healing. Reiki is a powerful and beautiful energy healing therapy, profoundly effective for stress release, deep relaxation, inner peace, emotional and physical healing and personal growth.

Reiki boosts and strengthens your energy field, opens and balances your chakras (energy centres) and provides loving support and healing for anyone suffering from trauma, stress, pain, or any other dis-ease.

The experience may range from feeling peaceful, relaxed and enveloped by warm loving energy while the Reiki works on deeper energetic and somatic levels, to having immediate miraculous healing results.

A Reiki session with Esther includes a clearing, boosting and rebalancing of your chakras during which Esther often channels messages that provide profound insights as to why certain chakras were blocked or what the underlying emotional cause of a pain or dis-ease might be in order to heal it fully.

Long distance Reiki is as powerful as in-person and allows you to receive this amazing healing gift in the comfort of your own home.