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Reset and Revive with Anna Andrzejewski

• 12 Week Coaching programme • • 1-1 Session • Online

Anna's signature 1:1 Body and Mind Coaching Programme.

Part 1: Reset
Creating a detailed case during the session to review:
- Eating and lifestyle habits
- Past and present health concerns

The work involves:
- Reactivating cellular energy
- Reframing mind and body thought processes
- Sleep hygiene
- Implementing routines
- Intention setting and visioning
- Resetting nutrition, hydration, detox and mindset through a personalised plan

Part 2: Restore
- Improving gut health
- Accessing physical, mental and emotional challenges
- Intuitive eating
- Reprogramming self limiting beliefs

Part 3: Revive
- Deep detoxing
- Somatic practices
- Self care and celebration

The coaching programme has 3 different coaching periods - 8, 12, 16 weeks - is how long we spend in each part.