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Reset | Reboot-Experience with Bea Sophia

• 180min • • 1-1 Session • Online, Tulum Q Roo 77760

In my sessions I help people find themselves again. I also teach practical exercises that help in everyday life to reduce stress and strain, overcome fears and lead a nicer and happier life.

It is important to me to convey my knowledge in such a way that sustainable improvements can occur through practical and self-applicable methods on various levels (body, language, movement, posture, voice, sound, frequencies, etc.). Specific body work helps to get away from the head and back into a relaxed body, which is an essential prerequisite for positive change. I use suitable techniques such as Body Massage, guided body meditation, breathing, energy work and sound also as aids for consciously feeling your own body.

I have noticed that blockages are only released when there is real relaxation in the mind as in the body. 

The Reset | Reboot experience is a journey through body, mind and soul. To solve mental and physical blockages, I use various elements of communication theory in the coaching conversation (reframing, change of perspective, the concept of radical honesty, polyvagal theory, wheel of consent). 

Together we bring body and mind back into harmony.