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Tantra, Trauma, Sex & Relationships with Bea Sophia

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online, Tulum Q Roo 77760

Initiating a collective and individual healing process - through the receiving and attuning into a more forthcoming perspective and emotional frequency. 

The core idea is for there to be more space for life, love and conscious force streaming through our lives. To feel fully alive, connected, grounded in faith and open for the wonders of the universe. Reclaiming the beyond of the sky, releasing limitations and recharting the waters with personal integrity and dedication of truthful intentions based on the understanding of one's feelings, emotions, triggers and healing paths. Aiming to re-align with the greater benevolent loving collective consciousness grid, that is guided by the forces of loving that stem from the understanding of oneness.

Bea's sessions have a ritualistic character to allow, by conscious choice, to enter a space of healing, transformation and openness for divine grace and magic to manifest itself in ones life, anchoring the experience in a profound way to give lasting impulses for the desired alignment or transformation/healing process to be commenced.