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Return to Radiance Retreat - Ibiza with Trish Whelan

• • 10 - 13 June 2021 • • San Juan, Ibiza

4-Day Shamanic Kundalini Yoga Healing Retreat
10 - 13 June, 2021

This is an invitation to relax, to go deeper into your connection with your true self, to step back into your radiance, to retreat for a moment and to enjoy a weekend of bliss in the beauty of Ibiza.

Of course, in order to get there we first need to clear out toxins, clean the organs, clear the energy, relax the physical body, still the mind and open the energy up whilst removing energetic blocks.

We feed the soul with two Shamanic Kundalini Yoga Sessions per day and we nourish the body with a specifically designed menu which works alongside the yoga to detox the body, clean the liver and balance the body's PH, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Mostly using produce direct from the farmer’s kitchen the food offering at our Radiance Retreats is designed to compliment the Yoga Practice and the food is really powerful medicine here.

We reside at our beautiful Xuclar Beach House, an elegant beach house set high up in the mountain surrounded by forest and opposite the beach. Each room is named after one of the glorious local beaches along this precious northern coast of the island and each room has stunning views either out to sea or the mountains.

In the afternoons, out of season, we take in take some lovely walks and make the most of deserted beaches (sometimes for a sunset Shamanic Kundalini Yoga class) and during the warmer months we take in the sunshine by day and we lie under the stars as much as possible – all the time! As always with Shamanic Kundalini Yoga, this programme is open to all, regardless of age and previous experience.

Of course our radiance shines out through the eyes, the skin and the smile, but the source of this radiance is deep within the radiant body. 

And so yes we do look radiant and shiny on the outside after the programme but the best bit is that we are radiant from deep within.

We are thrilled that the wonderful Lyndell will look after our menu for this retreat. Lyndell’s offerings use an eclectic mix of flavours from around the world and having spent the last six years developing her own style there is really only one aim - to spark joy in the people that eat it. We will enjoy the best fresh produce and everything is prepared from scratch so Lyndell can give everything to each ingredient and recipe.

A Typical Day

8am: Juice is served

9am-10.30am: Morning Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation

11am-12pm: Brunch

12.30pm-2pm: Workshops including various Meditations, Shamanic Healing Techniques, Energy Management, General Check-in

2pm-6pm: Time for Relaxation, Exploring the Island, Treatments and more 

6.30pm-8pm: Evening Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation

8pm: Dinner

10pm: Sweet Dreams


*Flights not included.

* This retreat starts with lunch at 2pm on Thursday and completes after lunch on Sunday with departures by 3pm.