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Roots class with Cat Faith

• 5hrs • 29th October • Classes • Online

A mix of lecture, meditation, visualization, personal reflection writing, ritual and narrative therapeutic techniques to facilitate trans-generational healing in a securely held container.

You will choose two ancestors to work with - one from the maternal lineage and one from the paternal one. They will serve as entry points in the family lineage and patterns.

After the energetic practices shared in class, altars will be built individually on the Day of the Dead on 2nd of November.

What is included? 


  • What is ancestral healing?
  • Who are the ancestors?
  • Transgenerational trauma & epigenetics
  • Ancestral contact: symbols & dreams
  • Ancestor reverence and step by step rituals
  • Assessing & repairing the family lineages
  • Emotional healing and forgiveness
  • Becoming an ancestor


  • Tracking blockages and patterns in the lineage
  • Lineage repair recorded journey
  • Guided automatic writing - life stories of two ancestors
  • Receiving the gifts of the lineage - 1:1 in class practice
  • Building the altar and integrating the gifts - personal post workshop practice
  • Candle fire ceremony
  • Energetic letter practice

The Ancestors

The simplest, realest, most powerful, and most meaningful way to find ourselves it is to find our ancestors. This is the most important source of connection, reverence, and wisdom in our lives.

The spiritual imprint of those who came before us in our bloodline resonates more strongly within the molecules of our bodies than any other source of knowing, being, or loving.

It is crucial to understand more about where we come from, who we are, what our people may have gone through, what has helped our people survive and thrive and what traumas may need to be attended to.

The Patterns

When ancestors or family members have died or left the family at a young age or under unusual or difficult circumstances — such as accidents, suicides, wars, addictions, emigrations, incarcerations, adoptions — these or other traumas of separation cause painful patterns of exclusion to be frozen in time, trapped in the unconscious field of the family, and can become like magnets, which later generations may be drawn unconsciously to repeat.

These inherited patterns create powerful unconscious compulsions.When we honor and restore the excluded ancestors or family members, however, we reestablish the integrity of the field, dissolving the trans-generational tendencies and liberating the living, their children and future generations.

The Stories

As children we don’t ask questions. And as adults we rarely take the time or have the opportunity to hear our family stories. We mostly lack the understanding of who our ancestors really were deep down, not knowing their regrets, struggles, passions, dreams or aspirations.

In those stories there is much gold. By exploring them, we find pieces of self, we find compassion and forgiveness. We understand our beliefs better, our limitations or fears, our strengths and gifts.

Even for those of us who don't know our parents, grandparents or ancestors, there are various modalities available to further explore as the stories live through us and can be accessed.