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Sacred States of Being Workshop (2 day event) with Trish Whelan

• Feb 26th - 27th • Fri 6pm-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm •   • Online

2-day Workshop (by booking this, you will have access to both days and joining instructions will be provided after booking)
Friday 26th February: 6pm-8pm (GMT) / 7pm-9pm (Ibiza)
Saturday 27th February: 9am-1pm (GMT) / 10am-2pm (Ibiza)

Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork Workshop
with Special Live Guest on the Friday BEN WESTBEECH

There is a space which we can access that is so exquisite, so calm, so soft, so potent and so powerful ... and that is where you'll go in these practices.

With the combination of Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork, you can go deep down into true bliss.

You will work with different styles of breathing techniques; High Oxygen Breathing, Low Oxygen Breathing, Pranayama, Russian Breathing techniques, Manipulation of Energy and you will bring yourself into a state of being where you … truly feel the divine in action WITHIN YOU …

You will work with the Kundalini Yoga technology to ground and open the body and from there you journey inwards.

Trish first presented this workshop live in Ibiza last summer with the incredibly amazing Ben Westbeech creating the soundtrack ... it was an absolute highlight of the season!! And so thrilled that Ben will join you live online by candlight to recreate that magic again.

The programme is designed to bring you on a journey of deep self healing where you learn to regulate how you feel and with this amazing ability you can actually change your life. There are moments in these Sacred States Of Being Practices where you are so incredibly relaxed that you have incredibly powerful gateways open.

You will begin with your first session on the Friday night and continue the journey on Saturday morning.