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Safe to Surrender Retreat in Ibiza October 2021 with Trish Whelan

• • 20th - 24th October 2021 • Retreats • Ibiza

5-Day Shamanic Kundalini Yoga Healing Retreat 
20 - 24 October, 2021

I have come to fully realise that what we all want and indeed the place where we can all begin to thrive from, is the place that feels SAFE … to fully surrender we must first of all feel safe.

And that safe place is WITHIN …

This sense of safety comes from deeply relaxing the nervous system and letting go of what is no longer serving us. Once we feel safe we can fully begin to relax and connect to ourselves, to the deepest depths of the soul.

We can begin to fully embody ourselves once we see that we can regulate how we feel, yes we can change how we feel and we can step into a true and deep healing experience.

We will have 2 Shamanic Kundalini Yoga classes each day, where the therapy is primarily focused on changing how we feel, bringing the parasympathetic nervous system back into alignment, fully expanding the breath, fully occupying the body, soothing the stress and dropping fully and completely into the moment.

This is where the healing is, this is where the magic is and it is from here that the rest of our lives can begin to flow smoothly. 

We will have one workshop each day where we delve deeper into the processes and work with shamanic tools that you can take home and continue to flow and grow in a new way, where you can fully embody the role of your own self healer to continue to feel SAFE in all situations and continue to make yourself well.

When we surrender we truly open the doors to deep healing, we truly connect to the self within the self, to the higher self, to the soul and from surrender, amazing things can happen.


I’m delighted to have the ever amazing Tess from Love Food Ibiza on kitchen controls for this retreat.

Tess has been designing and presenting fabulous and amazing menus for Soul Adventures for the past 6 years. All the produce is Ibiza’s finest and there is nothing but love added …

As always, the food offering will be local, organic and delicious and we will be supported by a selection of the islands finest healers and therapists.

We reside at our beautiful Xuclar Beach House, an elegant beach house set high up in the mountain surrounded by forest and opposite the beach. This is true Ibiza style at it finest, an authentic Ibizan experience, with incredible sunsets and many secluded spots for watching the sun go down.

Each room is named after one of the glorious local beaches along this precious northern coast of the island and each room has stunning views either out to sea or the mountains.

9 out of 10 people who join me here, say that they feel like they have come “home” and for me that is what the main aim has always been here - to create a healing home and so I fully believe that this new programme is an extension of that and that really, home is where we feel safe and of course where the HEART IS.

The calling of your soul here will be to remember who you were before you were laiden down with the cloaks of conditioning, personality, responsibilities, the shoulds, the restrictions and the systems and once you remember you really never forget.

I look forward to sharing the healing journey with you.

A Typical Day

8am: Juice is served

9am-10.30am: Morning Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation

11am-12pm: Brunch

12.30pm-2pm: Workshops including various Meditations, Shamanic Healing Techniques, Energy Management, General Check-in

2pm-6pm: Time for Relaxation, Exploring the Island, Treatments and more 

6.30pm-8pm: Evening Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation

8pm: Dinner

10pm: Sweet Dreams

 *Price includes full board and all meals for the week
** Flights not included.

This retreat starts at 3pm on day one and completes after lunch on day five with departures by 3pm.