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Shamanic Journeying Workshop with Ancient Yew Trees with Harriet G

• 6.5hrs • 22 Apr •   • Newlands Corner, Surrey

Working with ancient and majestic Yew Tree offers us both a sturdy and dependable part of a diverse, natural woodland and a fascinating and mystical journey guide and initiator on our spiritual path.

Yews are the Troll incarnate. Infused with Odinic energy, she works to illustrate the integrity of the pillar of light, Djed, or Sushumna, unique to the human energy field. Inviting us to hold our purest light frequency - to run our highest vibration between the heavens and earth. To step into our energetic roles as Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists - and Gridworkers. Find out more about Yew Shamanism here.

This can be particularly pertinent to you personally and professionally, if you are:
  • Feeling stuck in old patterns and behaviours
  • Always attracting relationships with the same issues
  • Feeling like your business/ products/ life aren't true representations of you and your truth
  • Remaining stuck at a plateau and not seeing you growth in the way you feel it could
  • Still trying to find out what your calling is and where you are on your path
  • Looking to fall deeply in love with your connection to spirit, Source, Nature and your guides again
Expect to spend the day outside in the forest, with the majestic, ancient Yew Trees (estimated at 1500 years old and more). The work will be both standing, walking and lying down with the trees in communion and journeywork.

Energy exchange: 111-222GBP (concessions available upon request) - please bring a packed lunch, water/ thermos and snacks.

Places limited to 13. Directions given upon reservation.

Please note that Yew Spirit is an incredibly powerful activator and ally and we generally know deeply if we have been called into this work with Yew.