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Shamanic Reiki Training - Level 2 (Ibiza) with Joanna Lewins

• 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM • Feb 11 • Courses • San Juan, Ibiza

Note: Booking time is shown in GMT

If you have already trained in Level 1 and have completed at least 21 days of the self healing practice, and you feel ready to deepen your knowledge, then come and share the magic that is Level 2. We gather together in an intimate group that allows for deeper connection and sharing. This level is about becoming a Practitioner of Reiki so that you can start to share with clients in a professional way. The teachings deepen with the use of sacred symbols and the use of other Shamanic elements that will enhance your clients' experience. Some students chose this level simply for themselves and their own practice, you don't have to share with others if you don't feel the call.

When we work with universal life force energy and attune to the ancient lineage of Reiki, and all the Masters that walked before us, we connect deeply to our own innate nature and to Spirit. To all the seen and unseen realms. When we work with Shamanism we transcend all time, space and dimensions, we attune to nature and all the messages that she brings, we realise we are nature. I am still in awe of the power of this work as we connect to the energetic field, to the spirit world and beyond. I describe my way of teaching as spiritual in nature, yet grounded in reality. So learning about your connection to the Spirit realm whilst also living this human experience.