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Sound Healing Session with Charlotte Boyd

• 60min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Sound healing can be a deeply restorative treatment. Charlotte will use a variety of techniques from Voice therapy, Gong bathing, Tuning fork therapy, Singing Bowls and percussive sounds such as rattle and ocean drum to break stagnation and create an energizing yet calming effect. You will have a brief consultation to chat about any physical, mental or emotional issues, working on the chakra system to help uncover your needs and intention for the session. Charlotte will soften you into your body with gentle breathing and body relaxation techniques, then deliver the appropriate sound treatment to help settle your nervous system, create calm and rest.

Benefits Sound healing can:

  • lower anxiety & stress levels
  • calm the central nervous system
  • help shift mental, spiritual, emotional & physical blocks
  • boost your mood
  • improve memory
  • reduce pain
  • balance chakras
  • lower blood pressure & cholesterol
  • improve sleep
  • help you find more flow in your life
  • help you regain clarity, confidence & direction
  • support & maintain mental wellbeing

These sessions will take place on zoom without screens and audio only to avoid distractions and for deeper immersion and experience. Wear comfortable clothing, get your quiet space ready. Get your blankets, socks & headphones. Light a candle.