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One month Awakening Vortex Therapy course with Rocio Sosa

• 90min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Guidance and Healing x 1 month: 

  • 2x 90min sessions. Akashic records, emotion coaching and cards reading
  • 1 - 60min Energetic healing session. (Distance)
  • Weekly process follow up - texting Akashic guidance & coaching.

Allow your mind, body and spirit to return to your own natural healthy balance through this magical therapy. In this way, you can re-align the planes of your existence and get in touch with your own spirituality.

This super intensive therapy will make you receive all the information, tools and healing frequencies you need to be able to start reprogramming your life from within, held with love. 

Rocio will channel your energy anytime you get in contact with her, to be able to tap you on the triggering areas so you can start clarifying your patterns and start a process of surrendering and letting go. So you can free your vessel from old illusion limiting beliefs and start blooming the brightness that you hold inside 

This therapy goes also for you if you already have been doing your own research and developing your spiritual path. Sometimes we need to learn or to remember how to FEEL and TRUST certainty instead of knowing which should be the next step. if you know what i mean… 

When you try to do things alone, things can go right, for sure, but if you are receptive with yourself and notice that you need to ask for help in those areas that you know you are kind of “distracted”, you would take the best roads for you to enjoy the path, instead of getting frustrated for not having the “results” you could have reached by now. 

This is a loving space that you can enjoy anytime you need guidance and support.