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Academy for Conscious Leaders with Marika Messager

• 12 Month Programme • Monthly Subscription • 1-1 Session • Online

The Academy for Conscious Leaders helps individuals reconnect with their purpose; understand and control their emotions; actively create the life and career they dream of; and lead their teams and organisations into a new paradigm of positive and purposeful impact.

A 3-year mentorship programme for individuals ready to realise their Leadership potential and create sustainable success in all dimensions of their lives

Year 1 – Brilliance

Year 2 – Activation

Year 3 – Significance


“I gained a lot of confidence, not only in my job, but in my personal life too. Working with Marika has been a very strong event in my life to not only build confidence, but to beat my fears. 

I feel far more comfortable now because I understand my fears and how to overcome them and move forward. I have gained some understanding on a lot of different concepts that have allowed me to make the required changes in my life.”

- Jerome Bussiere, Managing Director | Banking – London

All online trainings, monthly group calls, strategy intensive every 2 months. The Academy programme costs £600 per month