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The Cosmic Surgery Online Course - 10 Module with Fida Fadel

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Pluto in your chart represents the core intention of your soul in this lifetime and your evolutionary process of metamorphosis.

By stepping into this powerful path, you transit from the stuck-ness of the past into the tangible actualisation of your highest power.

​What lies at the core of your plutonic journey is the natural birth of the Artist.

Pluto carries a message for you from the beyond... Are you listening?

In this training:
  • You will uncover & refine your soul's intention through the shedding force within like a precious jewel emerging out of its hiding.
  • You will joyfully incorporate your evolutionary process that is meant to serve you in this lifetime.
  • You will allow the greatest catharsis experience, purging outdated internal dynamics that are no longer needed.
  • You will allow yourself to be held by the compassionate intention of the universe through you.
  • You will discover yourself in ways you've never imagined before!
  • You will give yourself permission to be who you are meant and designed to be.
  • ​We will explore in depth the three stages of the soul's evolution:
  • Claimed by survivalism & desires
  • Surrendering to the darkness & the Rebirth
  • After Completion: The Birth of the Artist

You will learn about:
  • The nature of your psyche and desire
  • The evolutionary force as an elimination process
  • The Stages of the Plutonic journey
  • The three stages of the evolution of the soul
  • Pluto in your chart (house & sign) and its polarity point, the evolutionary purpose of your current life
  • How to unlock you core talent: the correlation between Pluto & the vocation sphere in the Gene keys.
  • Eris archetype (inviting the bad witch to the party) and how to use the body wisdom to deal with trauma responses: Eris/Pluto dance.
  • You will have Lifetime access to a powerful guided meditative journey to integrate the process on the subconscious level: A guided meditative journey – The Ultimate Rebirth
  • ​I'll be personally supporting you on this profound journey via a LIVE Q&A.