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The Radiance Codes Premium - 4 Week Online Course with Lauren Holmes

• 28th April • • Courses • Online

It took my seemingly-perfect life to fall apart to find the answer to this question.

It was 2016, and I found myself in Bali in my very own version of Eat, Love, Pray.  Have you ever found yourself in the magic dark, where it feels like you are broken and there’s no quick fix?  

A big relationship ending, an abortion, moving country and my dog dying were the tipping point for a deeper yearning for more purpose to my life. As a top scholar at school and graduate of Oxford University, I’d always been driven by this burning desire to fulfil my potential, even if I didn’t know what that meant.  And while my career as a globe-trotting travel writer seemed like the perfect life to most, inside I felt empty, burnt-out and lost. And now, heartbroken too…

Deep down, I knew that I needed to get to the root of what happened and how I felt.  So that I didn’t have to go through such a car-crash again.  So the same patterns wouldn’t keep repeating.  So that I was better resourced.

So that I could be the woman I came here to be.

It was then that I dove deep into studying and training in ancient wisdom, energy techniques and cutting-edge neuroscience to find the most effective way to heal our trauma and upgrade our coding...




Premium option includes two private theta healing sessions with me of 75 mins. This is designed for you want to really go deep with this and benefit from the 1-1 support and expertise provided for my private clients and bespoke coaching programs.

A 4 week program of magic and mastery, uniting neuroscience and spirituality with sexuality to clear your blocks and turn up your radiance. This is the essential wisdom for the times we are navigating, providing you with the life-time access to tools and resources to support your self-worth, relationships and bank balance.

We will meet online every Wednesday (evening UK time) for live sessions, supported by practices, audio meditations, resources and fun challenges.