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Transformational Weight Loss Program with Beanie Robinson

• 12 Weeks • • 1-1 Session • Online

Have you struggled with weight issues your entire life?

Are you overwhelmed with food and nutrition information and don’t know how to develop your own health plan?

Do you feel exhausted, defeated, and frustrated with failed diets?

Then let Beanie support you through your journey to regain your confidence and health!

Helping you attain lifelong health and sustainable weight loss is her passion as your nutritionist. She wants you to finally see the results you’ve always wanted!

With Beanie's Ultimate 12-Week Weight Loss Program, you’ll revamp your mindset and reconnect you with your body’s needs so that the cycle of yo-yo diets and failed weight loss attempts finally ends.

You not only receive a holistic and personalised nutrition plan for weight loss through the program - you also learn the best ways to change your perspective on your body and health for lasting weight loss and optimal lifelong wellness. This isn’t any typical diet for weight loss! With this program, you’re going to completely transform your lifestyle to support your health goals. Beanie will guide you every step of the way.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Personalised Meal Plan - You work with Beanie to create the best nutrition plan for your needs. You’ll also receive recipe inspiration, supplement recommendations, and assistance with online food ordering, grocery shopping, and menu planning.
  • Weekly Weight Loss Support - Beanie will check in with you every week, and can adjust or tweak your meal plan if necessary. You also navigate through any weekly events (e.g., birthdays, company parties, etc.) so that you stay in control no matter what may pop up during the week!
  • Customised Exercise Regimen - You’ll devise the best exercise routine for you and focus on exercise routines that you enjoy doing to keep your body moving. This may involve high-intensity cardio or more gentle forms of movement that suit your body.
  • Lifestyle Routines; Mindfulness Practices - Beanie covers more than just the physical aspect. She helps you develop daily routines that support your health in every way through various practices, from loving, compassionate self-talk to meditations and changing your sleep routine.
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support - For the entire 12 weeks, you have total access to Beanie. She knows that working on your weight loss goals can be an up-and-down experience, and that’s why she want to be here for you to help stop you from going backward on your weight loss goals.

How It Works:

  • The entire process is 100% online for your convenience!
  • Your first 20-minute discovery call with Beanie is complimentary.
  • Initial Consultation (75 minutes): After you have officially joined the program, Beanie will get to know you better, and you’ll work together to plan your weekly meals. She will also help you with lifestyle routines and suggest mindfulness practices for you to do during the next 12 weeks.
  • Weekly Check-Ins (25 minutes): Beanie will be your accountability partner! She’ll check in with you every week, and you’ll go over any possible changes to your meal plans. You’ll also discuss your plans for the week to keep you on track with your goals despite any upcoming events. You receive one check-in video call or online consultation.
  • Post-Program Option: Although this weight loss program typically lasts for 12 weeks, there is an add-on option if you wish to continue working together after achieving your weight loss goal. With the Weight Loss Maintenance Program, you receive monthly support (3 months) to further ingrain your newfound healthy lifestyle routines. If you would like to increase the number of months, you can do that as well!


“Having weekly sessions with Beanie has been the best weight loss experience I’ve had & I can’t praise Beanie and her style enough. It is so much more than that though, lovely regular check-ins by text to check how I’m getting on. Where I get encouragement and praise for how far I’ve come. Every week we agree on something we are going to do and I never feel like it is too difficult as we’ve built up to it gradually. I have a clear plan that we have built together and this is not only a positive experience for weight loss but also for future habits and patterns of behaviour. This is truly helping me get to where I want to be in a sustainable way. An outstanding experience, I highly recommend working with Beanie and The Health Space.”
- K. Brown