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Transforming Shadows with Jamie Catto

•   • 19th Jun 2021, 10:30AM - 5:30PM • • Online

On the Transforming Shadows‘ workshops, you will learn how to transform unruly demons into employees and harvest the many gifts within challenges instead of exhausting yourself battling them.

You will learn how to dissolve and heal blocked emotions and the pain of old habits which weigh you down and reframe negative beliefs which hold pain-loops in place.
You will play games and processes which lighten up rigid notions of appropriateness and uptight limitations of unconscious shame and negativity.

You will laugh your head off and realise how much energy you’ve been wasting wearing masks to satisfy other people who’s values you don’t necessarily share.

You will realise how precious each day is and how much more space there is for mischief and playfulness in the world, especially yours.

You will forgive yourself for all the shame and negativity you’ve allowed yourself to carry due to old beliefs from uptight parents, carers, and teachers of old.

You will reclaim vast amounts of energy and joy and channel it into your creativity and passions. Wonderful treasures we reclaim from ‘the shadow’ include feeling comfortable to take centre stage, enjoying dancing, allowing the discovery of failure, allowing oneself (and others) to be messy sometimes, singing, arting, wearing colours, being fully honest with family and friends, self-care, cracking yourself up, being able to release emotion with crying, experiencing the passion of your anger, standing up for yourself, engaging with causes and healing, laughing at ourselves, being generous, allowing others to support us in our vulnerability, being sexy, enjoying all kinds of pleasure.......the shadow is not just the dark and yucky bits, it’s all the parts of ourselves we learnt at young ages were ‘unwelcome’ or got us rejected or told off.

It takes SO little effort and drama to gently turn towards these places and reclaim their treasure...and there’s a lot of sheepish laughter and friendship in it...

What natural parts of yourself did you shut down as a kid? Let’s welcome them home together...

Where is it? Online! I will send you a Zoom link in due course.

 When does it start and end? Saturday, the 19th of June, 2021 from 10h30 until 17h30 (GMT).

What do I need during the workshop? Please bring water, two pens (one felt-tipped or marker), a notebook/pad, and if you want to be extra comfy, a cushion and/or a small rug and a dice.