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Tribe Group Weekly Meeting with Fida Fadel

• 60min • Sundays(GMT+8) 10:00AM • Classes • Online

This is an inclusive group community where people gather from all around the world in devotion to Self mastery & Self actualisation.

The Tribe Teaching will approach you from every possible angle closing the gaps between the intellectual understanding of non-duality and the living Self Mastery.

Through a deep exploration of the Direct Path to the Self and the Metaphysical understanding, you will have the direct experience of being the One Eternal Being and liberate yourself from the limiting belief that you are a person - a body/mind, and that you share its mortal destiny.

The Individual:
You will have a complete understanding of your unique Vocation & Purpose in this lifetime through the lens of the Gene keys, the Human Design & Astrology.

You will move beyond your subconscious defence patterns, understand your purpose, live your calling, unlock your highest potential and be in service of the whole.

The Body:
Through powerfully curated guided Mediation Journeys, you will have the experiential knowledge of your true essence, integrate and ground the non-dual principles into your physical body and the way you perceive, act and relate, as so to enjoy total freedom, health and wellbeing and speed up your awakening.

DROP IN MEETING ONLY. Classes are done in alternating schedule 10AM GMT+8 and 4PM GMT+8