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Wild Writer Program - 6 Weeks Online Course with Marion Bott

•   • June 14 - July 19, 2021 • Courses • Online

The WILD WRITER PROGRAM will support you in finding your unique and shameless voice of truth, which will become the red thread of any story that you want to tell. In this case, your truth will be the ever shining light in your every written word.

This is a program that will help you deconstruct old habits and beliefs about yourself, as
well as ignite the fire that will keep you writing over and over.

How would it be to harness your passion day by day, and become relentless? As much as
it is a discipline, it is also a way of living, and therefore it needs to be adapted to, which is
what we are going to strengthen together.

We will focus on unleashing self-or other imposed restrictions by connecting to the
endless well of inspiration that is always and forever non-judgmental. This will have a
beneficial ripple effect in all other areas of your life. Freedom to your writing, and hello to
your juju confidence!

Due to my own wild and wide range of techniques that I have harnessed and 
collected throughout the past seven years (including my screenwriting MA program at
Filmuniversität Potsdam), and many self-discovered experimental writing exercises, I can
support your process on a holistic level.

Not only structure, storyline, dramaturgy, and the creation of strong characters will be

assessed, but also your energy awareness to your writing-vibration will become second-
nature. Believe me, there is nothing more satisfying than to write from a place of high-
vibes, knowing that your writing will uplift and inspire others. Therefore, I will be

combining Dreamwork, Meditation, Law of Attraction techniques with the classical
storytelling course.

As I have acknowledged for myself in my process of becoming a WILD WRITER, the less
effort I put into my creation, the more I allow it to come to me, unfold and expand. This
accelerates the process, and requires a true willingness to surrender and trust to the
messages as they are coming. So, are you ready to see your idea take shape in only
six weeks?