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Kapil Gupta - Dare to be Sensitive | TEDxLambeth

In this thought-provoking talk, Kapil speaks of how most men are socially conditioned from a young age to hide their emotions and see their vulnerability and sensitivity as weakness; and the impact this has on their life and personal relationships. Narrating stories from his own life and his work with men, he calls upon men to embrace their sensitivity in order to heal the wounds in our collective psyche and our lineage.

Kapil Gupta is a Master Coach, co-author of ‘Being Fine: the other F word’, and founder of – company dedicated to help people move from a Performance to a Presence driven life. Kapil helps entrepreneurs and business executives realign to their own blueprint and find joy, purpose, intimacy, satisfying relationships and fulfilment. Kapil went through major personal transformation after a 15+ year successful corporate career, an MBA from University of Edinburgh, and a failed marriage.