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Carmella Sternberg


Annabel James


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Our lovely, team

Carmella Sternberg

Founder & Director

Carmella is our fierce, fab Founder and dreamer. After creating an award-winning events company, exhausted and with the added stress of a breakup, Carmella left for Asia in search of peace and healing. Four months later, she found herself transformed by the wealth of experiences and wisdom from her meanderings. Respecting her own boundaries, she learnt how to get the best out of life through inner peace and renewed wellbeing. Carmella resolved to make it her life’s work to help people find the healing therapies that she found to be so beneficial on her journey toward health and happiness.

Annabel James

Co-Founder & Director of Practitioners

Annabel is our warm and radiant Co-Founder and the inspiration behind Carmella’s dream. She exudes light and has an energy and peace that is magnetic. Annabel is a trained Breath of Bliss Breathwork practitioner and has a background in counselling. She has always been passionate about supporting people through times of transformation and bringing together people walking these similar journeys. By walking her own healing journey first, she has found a passion for Breathwork and healing that allows her to best support others in their journeys of transformation.

Jessica Girvan

Operations Manager

Jessica is our wonderful Operations Manager making sure that all things Mamma run smoothly and ensuring the team are happy and healthy. Much like other Mamma's after spending some time exploring holistic wellness Jess realised the importance of putting time back into herself. Jess left her high-stress workplace and has thrown herself into her role at Mamma radiating love, warmth and compassion in everything she does. Jess’s favourite practices are sound-healing, yoga and CBT therapy. 

Huda Dawas

Brand Manager

Huda is our Brand Manager, she takes care of all things relating to Mamma’s look, feel and experience. Huda found Mamma during a period of change in her life, and has never looked back. She is a self-confessed fitness & wellbeing enthusiast and brings heaps of passion and creativity to the team, as well as being a mentor and leader for Mamma's intern team.

Kristel Pau

Junior Developer

Kristel is the Junior Developer here at Mamma, working on the website and learning how to code; she is our go to for all things tech. Kristel was searching for a company that promotes wellness and a holistic approach to work. After spending a few months soul searching, she joined the Mamma Team and has flourished within her role ever since. Kristel's favourite practices are meditation and yoga, allowing her to switch off and prioritise her wellness.

Rose Abellera

Practitioner Coordinator

Rose has been with Mamma from the very beginning, working hard behind the scenes with our founder Carmella Sternberg to kick start Mamma into existence. Rose is the Mamma powerhouse, supporting our practitioners and the team to ensure all of the wonderful practices and our community of practitioners can be shared with the world. She is a smiley giggly ball of energy with a giant heart and an even bigger dog called Coffee! Her favourite practice is meditation.

Emma Bamsey

Community Manager

Emma is our Community Manager helping to bring the voice of mamma across the social channels. Emma started her career journey in health and fitness retail, and has recently completed a degree in events management.  Emma's passion for all that is wellbeing brought her to Mamma, where she spreads happiness and wellness enthusiasm in all that she puts a hand to. Emma loves yoga and finding moments of reflection in meditation amidst a busy day.

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Our Story

Mamma Wellbeing was founded by Carmella Sternberg and Annabel James in 2018.

There has always been an invisible string connecting Carmella and Annabel. After meeting in Thailand, the two of them kept crossing paths in their own healing journeys. 

Passionate about supporting others in wellbeing and transformation, they dreamt of a business built on friendship, support, and community.

Mamma has grown from a small concierge team to a worldwide platform, guiding our community toward a life of greater wellbeing, self-love, and balance, amidst the bustle of day-to-day life.

What others say

I absolutely loved my session with a Mamma theta healer. I felt both incredibly safe & exhilarated at the same time! Learning and pulling apart old patterns and habits that do not serve me anymore.

The most beautiful heart opening cacao ceremony, followed by an incredible sound healing, we all had a magical journey as the notes of each instrument weaved around us. The whole experience was quite literally out of this world.