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Practitioner Information

How can I join you as a practitioner?

Go to and fill in all the details. One of our agents will then get in touch and book you in for a discovery call and a taster session, where we can experience and learn about your modality and you can learn more about Mamma. 

After a successful induction you will be able to let us know about your qualifications, send documents & certificates and sign a contract. Once all relevant information is provided your account will be approved and your profile will become visible on the site.

What do I need to join? Eligibility/Requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience (Some exceptions are made) 
  • Public Liability or Indemnity Insurance with receipt (covering you for the area you practice in)
  • Qualification certificates from an accredited course
  • Clear DBS certificate
  • Professional headshots
  • Valid proof of identification/ID
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Registered as self employed

How to Upload required files?

After a successful induction you will be sent a form requesting all relevant documents.

Where to get DBS certification?


You can apply for a basic DBS check on the government website

Outside UK

Please visit

The page provides guidance on the process on how to obtain DBS certification, please take note that the application process varies from country to country. 

Requirements to be a corporate/workshop practitioner?

To be a corporate practitioner we ask that you have minimum 1 year experience in the corporate space and meet all the criteria in Mamma’s Eligibility Criteria. There might be additional requirements depending on the company. 

Why do I need to have insurance?

This is important to protect against any risks such as client injuries and alleged misconduct.

How do I get paid?

Payments will be sent to your bank account. 

What is the schedule for payment?

Your payment statement will be sent after your fulfilled booking date (statements are made biweekly). The statement is paid within 21 days

How do I cancel my session with a client?

In the circumstance that you wish to cancel a session with a client, please email 48 hours prior to the appointment and we will help you with the cancellation.