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Types of Healing:


Theta Healing - Come with an open mind and be prepared to talk about any physical or emotional distress you feel. You will settle into a cozy chair with your therapist directly across from you. You both will use meditation to go to a theta brainwave state so that they can access your subconscious mind. You might feel warmth or a bond with your therapist as this happens. In this altered state of awareness, your subconsciousness will be more open, and your therapist can locate the root of your problem. This may involve using muscle testing as they ask you “yes” and “no” questions. Through this method, they may discover problems you may not have known you’ve had, which can manifest into physical illness. After finding the source of your issues, you might talk about how to solve them to become happier in your life. 


Energy Healing - If you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, or physically drained, energy healing can renew your energy while serving as a complementary and holistic treatment to traditional medicine. 


Shamanic Healing - Shamans have a unique and powerful relationship with the spiritual world. This relationship will help them to create changes in the physical world that can bring healing. Your shaman will approach your session with care and compassion. They will want to hear about your current struggles and the areas in your life that feel unbalanced. Through a series of noises, singing and music, your shaman will call the spirits to bring you healing. They will use these insights to bring you clarity and healing.