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Past Life Therapy




  • Identify blockages, fears, or trauma that are keeping you from living a fulfilling life
  • Learn from your past life experiences, relationships, and soulmates
  • Recognize specific ties you have to certain places, things, or people and find out why you have them
  • Locate physical illness or disease, which may have been from a past life
  • Understand how your past life experiences may have influenced any fears or beliefs that you can’t explain
  • Obtain healing and meaning for the life you currently lead


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Past Life Therapy - Have you ever wondered why you feel connections to certain places, or why you have unexplainable phobias? Past life therapy explores your subconscious mind to understand how your past life affects your current one.


In this safe and gentle process, your practitioner will guide you into a calm state of hypnosis. Your practitioner will begin by asking you to reflect on your important life experiences and go “through the death experience” to access your subconscious mind. There, you may see glimpses of different images or sensations from a past life. Once you have completed your journey, your practitioner will help you to uncover why you experienced that past life and what lessons you can take away from it from a spiritual approach. 



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Mamma is a wonderfully curated booking platform for holistic practitioners and all of the people I have booked have been amazing. Everything is done with the most amount of love and support. I couldn’t recommended using this wonderful site highly enough! Colomba


I’m so grateful to Mamma in guiding me through this next chapter in my life. It’s certainly what my world has been missing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to be more open and connected. Raquel