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  • Grow the relationship between your mind and body
  • Build endurance and strength
  • Have a more mindful and peaceful attitude in your day-to-day life
  • Increases range of motion
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Enhance stability and balance

Can help with:

  • Blood circulation
  • Detoxifying your body
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleep problems
  • Energy levels


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You can balance the energies of your mind, body, and spirit to see more peacefulness and clarity in your life. Yoga blends physical poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to strengthen your physical and spiritual wellbeing. Learn more about the different types of yoga to find which practice best fits your needs.


Types of Yoga:


Ashtanga - If you want a fast-paced class that requires a lot of strength and stamina, this style of yoga will guide you through a series of poses to build fire and strength within yourself.


Vinyasa - If you want each class to be a different experience, you can try Vinyasa yoga, which focuses on the motion of your body rather than the specific poses to strengthen the connection between your mind and body.


Iyengar - If you love getting that pose just right, you can work on perfecting it in this class. Iyengar yoga concentrates on your pose alignment and breath control to support healing.


Hatha - You can relax as your body flows with each breath in this slower yoga style. You will re-energise your body and strengthen your core with each class.


Jivamukti - Have you been looking for a yoga class that emphasises spirituality as much as physical movements? Jivamukti blends your love of yoga with music and lessons that can deepen your spiritual connection.


Yin - Do you want to try a class where you can focus on deep stretching and breathing techniques? Yin yoga emphasises holding each pose for a longer amount of time to thoroughly stretch and strengthen your body.


Yoga Nidra - Do you want to experience deep relaxation? Yoga Nidra is one of the most powerful practices to engage in, as it delivers you to a similar brainwave state as the deepest of sleeps. Many of the poses in the class are adaptations of classic yoga poses, but are held for longer periods and use props like blankets and bolsters for added support. In essence the practice invites us to welcome in the most profound level of relaxation possible.


Kundalini Yoga - If you are looking for a spiritual practice that will support you to clear energy blocks and quiet your mind, Kundalini is a powerful shortcut to cultivating physical and emotional vitality. Kundalini yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathwork, meditation and mantra chanting to empower both the physical and emotional body.


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