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Shamanic Healing with Cat Faith

• 80min • Tue & Wed • 1-1 Session • Online, Tulum Mexico

The intention for a session is not only to find the blockages but also the root cause of the imbalance. Cat starts conversation in a sacred space and everything is addressed. She listens with all her senses and scans the energetic body, tracking the energy. She investigates different areas, starting from childhood trauma, predispositions that might have been passed down generationally in the family (epigenetics), limited belief systems, toxic emotions, intrusive energies or imprints form past lives. She further creates a strategy and chooses the tools that need to be used.

The processes that Cat practices can assist in attaining life goals, restoring health, releasing old behavioral patterns, emotional and psychic pain, moving through grief or loss, situations of crisis, addiction, depression, anxiety and phobias.

These techniques can bring you closer to feeling secure in who you are, living in your power, speaking your truth, reconnecting to your passion and soul purpose.

How to prepare for a session:
If you are having a long-distance session, make sure you have a space where you will not be interrupted and where you can lie down. Have a candle by your side and a pair of headphones ready.

People start receiving messages/signs/dreams as soon as they embark on a shamanic journey. Pay attention to what the universe shows you. In case delays, blockages or extreme situations happen before the healing session, be aware that there is a strong resistance and try to move through it, regardless how difficult it seems.