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CHERISH with Annabella Zeiddar

• 90 day programme •   • 1-1 Session • Online

A 90 day high level bespoke therapy and coaching program that works at both a conscious and subconscious level to free you forever from unhealthy eating patterns so that you are happy again, confidently living life to the full in a body that you love!

I’ve called my program CHERISH because I’m a foodie and I love food. But I now also love myself and my body! (yes, the three can go together)
When you truly begin to love yourself and your body, when you achieve a level of self acceptance like you have never experienced before, then you naturally act in ways that serve you. So you naturally make healthier choices, you self care, you take time for yourself and you move your body.

Result? Confidence, sky high energy, better sleep, and a body you love. Which means you’re loving socializing again, fitting into clothes you love and enjoying your favourite foods!

There are 3 pillars to CHERISH:

• the type of eater you are
• the root cause of unhealthy eating habits
• the subconscious role of the weight you are carrying
• limiting beliefs around lovability and enoughness at a subconscious level
• how your hormones may be playing a role in your weight
• the triggers causing you to emotionally eat/overeat/food addiction
• how to handle those triggers with ease
• the benefits of intuitive eating and how to eat intuitively

• your thoughts around food and your body at a deep subconscious level and make peace with both
• your mind so that you feel effortlessly in control around ALL foods
• let go of the diet mentality forever
• take on new empowering beliefs that work for you as opposed to against you
• overcome any food addiction whether that’s salty or sweet
• new healthy behaviors around food and eating
• your metabolism so that you become a fat burning machine
• reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin and increase the fullness hormone leptin
• your mind so that you love working out

I want this to be the last program you do (I know, it’s a lousy business model!) so we’ll create a blueprint for the future so that you can integrate new healthy habits into your life with ease.

What’s Included:

  • Goal setting call
  • 2 x 2hr RTT hypnotherapy sessions
  • 2 bespoke transformational hypnosis recordings
  • 12 x 20-30 minute power coaching calls
  • video tutorials
  • additional hypnosis/meditation audios
  • Coach in Your Pocket manual
  • Office hours Voxer/WhatsApp access