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Arvigo Spiritual Healing with Ellie Rose L

• 120min • • 1-1 Session • Online

Working with the lineage of Maya healer Don Elijio Panti and Dr. Rosita Arvigo. Arvigo Spiritual healing is rooted in the simple and profound spiritual bathing and prayer traditions. Using water with flowers and plants to bathe your feet or whole body, these healings are done in a ritual space to support healing and treat a range of symptoms and states.

These healing sessions, work with the power of nature and spirit, honouring a lineage and tradition from Belize using plants and water to cleanse the aura and spirit ("una limpia"). This is a simple and profound time honoured way to take care of ones spiritual health and is used to help many conditions. The session consists of a 'bath' of flowers and water that have been prepared in a special way to energise the intention of healing. This healing can greatly assist the many types of healing as it helps a person renew the energy body to be clearer and receptive to ones inner wisdom and life force. This will help you see better your path, and understand whatever issues are currently presenting.